With over 35 years of owning, operating and managing commercial real estate and 16 years of helping clients maximize their purchase, sale or investments in such properties, Bud Kopp and Sound Commercial Group provides client services that truly reflect our motto: “A Different Approach”. We begin by discovering what the ultimate goal of the client is for the optimal utilization of commercial property, whether buying, selling or leasing. From that information we can then tailor our efforts to more completely fulfill your needs.

Through his involvement in civic and charitable organizations during his many years in building and operating his own businesses, Bud has come to understand the unique problems and issues that daily confront business owners and investors. Bud fervently believes that the way to build a successful organization is to attract and accept as fellow associates only the very best people; to always treat each other with respect, and to give everyone the best possible working conditions, tools and equipment with which to carry out their responsibilities.

During various business endeavors over his career, Bud has developed commercial buildings from “the dirt” and on up, culminating in the construction of a Class A office building of 31,000 square feet.

Giving back to the community is high on the list of “musts” for Bud and Sound Commercial Group, through membership in Rotary International, of which he has been a member for over 28 years.

Leisure time activities include reading, golf, biking, walking and spending time with friends.

Contact Bud: budk@soundcommercialgroup.com | 206-579-8812