Whether you are looking to buy, sell, lease or have your property managed, Sound Commercial Group can help you. We can help you buy for investment income or as an owner/user; sell in order to re-invest or gain liquidity: lease your property or find space for you as a tenant; or manage your property so you gain freedom from that responsibility.


  • We provide an analysis of which property is right for you
  • No commission cost – paid by the Seller
  • We do an analysis of investment return
  • Will “walk you through” the process so it’s understandable
  • Provide guidance at every juncture of the deal


  • Help prepare the property for sale, “curb appeal” and tenancy
  • Construct Marketing Package fully describing the purchase opportunity
  • Advertise on several commercial real estate websites
  • Close the deal and finalize the “after market” details


  • Landlords, we can find tenants for you to fill your property
  • Tenants, we can help you decide which space will work best for you
  • Tenants, we will research market pricing so we can get you the best deal
  • We negotiate the lease deal all the way through, getting the best deal for our client