Buying Property

Buying a commercial property, regardless if it is for your business or investment, is not a trivial process. Commercial properties are not always easy to find, the process can be complex and at the end of the day, the property must meet your business or investment needs.

With rich experience in buying and selling commercial properties, we navigate our clients from finding the right property, to closing the deal. We will save you time, expense and frustration!

Our property buying process

Our clients are not treated as a “commodity”. We work with our clients to determine the goal / need for their property and we suggest methods to get there. During the process, we educate our clients, create a plan of action and execute that plan to achieve the goal.


During the initial phase, we educate our clients about the process:

  • Teach our clients the basics
  • Determine client’s goals
  • Describe the whole process for property purchase

Finding a commercial property that fits a client’s need is not trivial. We assist clients in finding the right property in different ways:

  • Search commercial databases and listings
  • We use our connections and talk to other commercial property brokers
  • Observe signage in the area
  • Devise marketing campaigns
  • Follow up leads from our clients

Once we locate the property, we work with our clients and:

  • Contact the listing / selling broker
  • Begin conversation with seller


Negotiate / Close

During the facilitate phase, we learn details about the property. The next few steps guide the client from learning options to closing on a deal:

  • We bring all information about the property to our client
  • Discuss options
  • Write up an offer
  • Walk client through closing process
  • We follow up after close


We have purchased and sold many properties in our area and we have expertise in different situations.

If you have any questions about the commercial property buying process or would like us to research properties for you, we are here to answer any questions!